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The Golden Era of Silent Films

May 14th at 7:30pm
Vance Brand Civic Auditorium
Skyline High School
600 E Mountain View Ave Longmont

David Rutherford - conductor

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The Longmont Symphony wraps up its season with a fun-filled evening of classic film from the silent era.This is an evening of entertainment you'll never forget! Nothing is quite like an evening of the greatest silent comedies with musical accompaniment by the Longmont Symphony. Even the sound of a real projector will add to the charm of the evening. Guest conductor David Rutherford has been presenting silent films with live orchestral accompaniment for more than 20 years.

The program begins with Charlie Chaplin's classic 1916 comedy short Pawnshop. Chaplin's iconic Little Tramp character takes center stage as an assistant behind the counter at a local pawnshop. Chaplin's genius in intimate physical comedy shines as he greets and works with customers trying to pawn their items and other various duties as the low man on the totem pole.

The main feature film is one of the most famous pictures Buster Keaton ever made. In fact, The General (1926) has been called "...the greatest comedy ever made, the greatest Civil War film ever made, and perhaps the greatest film ever made" by no less than Orson Welles! Even the American Film Institute ranks The General as #18 of the 100 Greatest American Films.

Keaton's brilliance is in physical comedy on the grandest scale. The world is his stage, and his stunts range from knocking railroad ties out of the way while sitting on the front of a locomotive, to using his beloved locomotive (called The General) to chase down and defeat a Union Army battalion. Keaton's character is a train engineer who tries to enlist in the Confederate Army during the Civil War, but is deemed too valuable as a locomotive operator, and thus is turned away. Unfortunately, the recruiters neglect to tell Keaton why they will not accept him. He spends the rest of the film restoring his honor and dignity, and of course saves the day!

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LSO Garden Tour

Join us for the LSO Guild's 49th Annual Garden Tour, June10th and 11th from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. This wonderful tradition showcases Longmont’s gardening talents and will feature four lovely gardens. This two-day event promises to offer diverse garden design and layout and will give you gardening ideas for your own garden.

This year's gardens are at:
Jan Baird 350 Canadian Crossing;
Greg and Cathy Ludlow 1909 Sundance Dr;
Jerry and Wanda Mullen 2101 Tallman Ln; and
Kent and Joan Foutz 431 Ridge Dr., all in Longmont.

Tickets available at Flower Bin, LSO Office and On-line!

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