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Longmont Symphony Orchestra

Andrew D. Keller Young Artist Competition

The Longmont Symphony Orchestra Young Artist Competition is an excellent opportunity for 1st through 12th grade students in the Longmont area (defined in the competition rules), who are very interested in music, to gain experience performing live in front of an audience. Olson PhotographThe competition is open to both instrumentalists and vocalists who will audition on stage in front of judges. The judges will evaluate each performance and offer suggestions for improvements. There are two age-group categories: Category A is for 1st through 8th grade contestants, and Category B is for 9th through 12th grade contestants. Each category has its own first through third place prizes.

LSO Young Artist Categories

  • Category A: First Place, $300; Second Place, $150; Third Place, $100

  • Category B: First Place, $500; Second Place, $300; Third Place, $150.

Please read the detailed governing rules (see link below) and fill out the application form (see link below). Then mail your application along with your audio CD a $20 check made out to LSO, to the LSO office by November 3, 2016.

For questions or clairification on this program, please contact: Barbara Merrell, Chairman, Andrew D. Keller Young Artist Competition Committee
416 Sterling Lane, Dacono, Colorado 80514
email: bmerrell@att.net Bass Players Photograph