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2015 Super Conductor Contest

What is the Super Conductor contest? It is an annual contest where the community votes on three contestants to raise funding for the Longmont Symphony Orchestra. Each of the three contestants campaigns for your vote to select them as the Super Conductor. You vote by donaiting money as votes for your favorite candidate. The contestant with the most votes wins and conducts a musical selection at the seasons first concert. This year's candidates are: Jennifer Motycka, Paul Trapkus and Karen Gregg. Each of the candidates has volunteered to help raise funds to enhance the community support for the Longmont Symphony Orchestra. They will hand out ballots, give high spirited campaign speeches at every opportunity. You may also make donations at the Symphony office at 519 Main St. (just north of the Theatre Company in the walk-through between Main and Coffman streets).

Contributions may be sent to:
Longmont Symphony Orchestra PO Box 74 Longmont, CO 80502

Please indicate candidate of choice in memo field.


You may donate online to for your contestant now by clicking on the button below the "Vote for".

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Jennifer Motycka

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Jennifer’s musical adventure began when she was in the 5th grade.  When Jennifer was offered her selection of school provided instruments (and without even knowing what it was or how big it would be) Jennifer picked the double bass. It turned out to be the perfect fit!
Jennifer joined the Longmont Symphony Orchestra in 1975 as an eighth grade student.  Needless to say, the LSO has played a large role in her and her family’s lives. Over the years, Jennifer has had the opportunity to experience the artistic growth of the LSO and to feel the support of their wonderful audience. So after 38 years of playing in the LSO, Jennifer is honored to be a Super Conductor candidate and to have the opportunity to conduct the orchestra she so loves!

In addition to the LSO, Jennifer has been a member of several orchestras including the Colorado MahlerFest Orchestra, the Boulder Chamber Orchestra, and the Greeley Philharmonic.  She has also played with many local churches and music ensembles. Jennifer’s life has been inspired by music, both as means of personal expression and as a way to connect with all types of people.

Jennifer was born and raised in Longmont, Colorado.  She is a graduate of the University of Northern Colorado earning a BME in 1985.  Unfortunately, at that time music education jobs in the area were scarce. So, Jennifer decided to become an attorney.  In 1989 she was awarded a Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Colorado School of Law.  Jennifer then worked as an attorney in Longmont until she retired in 2010.

Jennifer is married to Lyle Motycka. They have two sons, Emil (27) and Adric (19) who also plays the double bass!

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Paul Trapkus

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A native of Davenport, Iowa, Paul Trapkus maintains a very busy schedule as a music teacher, performer, composer, and advocate. He studied music education and violin performance at the University of Michigan and has since been the orchestra director at Silver Creek High School in Longmont for five years. He also leads the school’s Fiddle
Group, Composition Club, and Orchestra Weightlifting Club and teaches violin lessons. Paul serves on the Colorado All State Orchestra Board and has served as a Longmont Youth Symphony Board member, chair for the Combined League Honor
Orchestra, and a judge for local and regional orchestras and festivals.

In 2014, Paul made the documentary "Carry the Tune" with students Elizabeth Potter and Kelvin DuVal. The film highlights music as an avocation, focusing on why and how to continue
making music after high school. The film has been called "the best example of a documentary that showcases the power of music education" (Gary McPherson) and received an Award of Merit from the San Francisco Film Awards.

Paul attempts to balance his busy teaching schedule with his interest in performing by playing in local orchestras and summer
festivals, including the National Repertory Orchestra, which he will return to this summer. In his rare moments of free time, Paul enjoys cooking, painting, writing music, and exploring more of Colorado.

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Karen Gregg

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Karen Gregg has served as the Director of Bands at Lyons Middle Senior High School for the past 14 years.  Her responsibilities include directing the four bands (two middle school bands, High School Concert Band, High School Jazz Band) in addition to teaching The History of Rock and Roll, Beginning Guitar, and Personal Fitness. Since her appointment at Lyons Middle Senior High School, the band program has experienced 300% growth and now includes over 40% of the school population.

A proud graduate of UNC (Greeley) and the Ohio State University, Karen also served as the Principal Bassoonist and Woodwind Director of the Orquesta Sinfonica de Barranquilla in Barranquilla, Colombia.  After moving back home to Colorado in 2001, she has continued to perform on the bassoon with local orchestras as well as teach private bassoon lessons.

While at UNC, Karen was awarded the “Outstanding Student in K-12 Music Education” and at Ohio State received the “Outstanding Graduate Music Student” Award.  In 2007 she was recognized as a 9News “Teacher Who Cares”.  That same year she was a Gold Star Award recipient in the St. Vrain Valley School District.  In 2010, the Lyons High School Concert Band was invited to perform at the Colorado Music Educator’s Association Conference at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, a first for a musical ensemble from Lyons.  Karen was honored with a “Citation of Excellence” from the National Band Association in 2014.

While not busy with her job at Lyons, Karen Gregg is a devoted wife to Shawn (a physical education teacher in St. Vrain) and a loving mother to two awesome children (Quinlyn, 11 and Carter, 6). The family loves to play outside together, whether it be swimming, hiking, traveling, riding bikes, hosting sprinkler parties for the neighborhood, building snowmen & sledding, gardening or relaxing on the patio.  

To keep fit (and sane), Karen is an active runner.  She tries to complete at least one 1/2 marathon every year, and tries to run a 5K or 10K every month during the year.  She's not fast but loves the time alone with music in hear ears and nature around her regardless of the weather.

One of her favorite activities is participating in her beloved Book Club.  This committed group of 15 women not only read - they volunteer for community events & social causes such as co-sponsoring the commission that the High School Band performed in 2011 at CMEA and volunteering for flood recovery in Lyons.  

Things she loves: 
Coffee, great shoes (Dansko's in particular), horses, the sun, her children & husband (fiercely!), laughter that rings out over a crowd, new notebooks, small pieces of really good chocolate, old hardwood floors, moose, Spain, thunderstorms, a great pair of jeans, the smell of a baby's head, Glee, farmers markets, a surprise smile from a student, dishwashers, good Latin music, the sound/smell of the ocean, getting letters in the mail, honesty even if it hurts, deep talks with a best friend, any view of the mountains, the color pink.  Did she mention coffee?